Lamb sounds, goats’ kickings in the highland mornings… If you just want to sleep in a highland house or wake up in a mountain house you are welcome to our Boutique Eastern Blacksea tours. It is a good time for you to experience the culture of Blacksea where you can have a quiet and peaceful time with your family or friends. Our team is ready to serve you!

You can relax in a highland house for a day and have a nice time by walking in the highlands. On the village roads you can join the safari and cool off under the fresh waters of Kaçkar Mountains. You may reach to the evinings by observing beautiful sunset on the foamy clouds in the highlands. In unexplored eastern Blacksea, breathing in the closest places to wildlife will be good for your mind and health as well.

TRANSPORTATION: During the tour, all transportation services in the area are carried out by authorized and comfortable vehicles and personnel and these are included in the tour price. If requested we also provide air tickets all around the world. If you are willing to buy your airplane ticket, we will provide airpots transfers which is includen in tour price.