Welcome to Rize, the paradise where blue and green colors meet in harmony! Came on… Let’s experience the unique beauties of the Fırtına valley, let’s give natural poses on the historical bridges, let’s involve local horon dance in Ayder, let’s siege Zilkale, let’s cool down in Palovit waterfall, let’s drink cold water and have local food, let’s lie down on the grass in highlands, let’s walk in forests… and so on…

You will experience the true Blacksea culture in our Boutique Rize tours and you will feel yourself as a part of the nature! In short, you will come yourself in the boutique Rize!

TRANSPORTATION: During the tour, all transportation services in the area are carried out by authorized and comfortable vehicles and personnel and these are included in the tour price. If requested we also provide air tickets all around the world. If you are willing to buy your airplane ticket, we will provide airpots transfers which is includen in tour price.