The sea and the mountains in Blacksea region sing songs and write poems in Lazuri language (Lazuri is the local language of Lazish, spoken in Bleacksea region)… Blacksea is more meaningful with the lazuri. You ar inspired by listening to lazuri music and poems. Lazuri Blacksea Tour offers marvellous naturel buity of Blacksea in a way that you will never forget. As you experince the natural state of the Blacksea, you will enjoy it with inspiration! The summary route of this adventure, which will last for 6 nights and 7 days, is as follows:


1.Day: Trabzon Airport – Sera Lake – Hagia Sophia Mosque – Atatürk Mansion – Maçka Accommodation

2.Day: Macka – Sumela Monastery – Hamsikoy – Uzungol Lake- Lustra and Karaster Highland – Ayder Highland Accommodation

3.Day: Ayder Plateau – Çamlıhemşin – Zilkale – Fırtına Deresi – Şenyuva Village – Pokut Highland – Elevit Highland – Sal Highland – Palovit Waterfall- Rafting – Human Sling – Ayder Hgihland – Tulum Horon (Local Dance and Music) and Accommodation

4.Day: Arhavi Double Bridges – Mençuna Waterfall – Hiking – Local Food – Borçka Karagöl Lake – Borçka Accommodation

5.Day: Macahel Valley – Maral Waterfall – Sahara National Park – Şavşat Karagöl Lake – Şavşat Accommodation

6.Day: Şavşat Yavuzköy View Hill – Artvin – Hatila Valley Glas View Terrace – Çoruh Zipline – Rize Accomodation

7.Day: Special Rize Cloth Workshops – Trabzon Surmene Knife Manufacturing Museum and Shopping – Tea Factory Trip and Shopping – Trabzon Airport.

TRANSPORTATION: During the tour, all transportation services in the area are carried out by authorized and comfortable vehicles and personnel and these are included in the tour price. If requested we also provide air tickets all around the world. If you are willing to buy your airplane ticket, we will provide airpots transfers which is includen in tour price.