Tea cutting, Nuts collection, Local cuisine, Life in the city and village, Life in the highland, Tulum horon

TULUM & HORON (Local Music and Dance)

Tulum and horon is a passion in the Black Sea. The romance of Tulum blends with the beauty of nature and gives excitement to people. No matter whether you are in the rain, in the mud, on the grass, in the mountain, on the mountain, in the city, tumul brigs people together hand in hand for dance!



Tea gardens range along the Blacksea in the flats and slopes… You can fell the taste of tea with smell of natural fragrance of tea gardens… You enjoy having a glass of tea but how about cutting fresh tea in the garden?



The hazelnut branches sings in green through Blacksea region… It’s time to collect hazelnuts in the Blacksea! Are you ready to collect fresh natural hazelnuts in green hazelnut orchards?



City life in Blacksea is unique. It is fun with its style, culture, people, and city structures. Walk on the streets, visit the historical quarters, chat with local people, walk in the coastal corridors. You will fell as if you are in your hometown there…



Life in the village is very intense in the Blacksea… Villagers are so bust with their various works! Milking cows, pruning kiwifruits, collecting winter woods… There are too many works to do! However, village life in Blacksea is pleasant.



There is a natural and intimate life İN Blacksea highlands on the top of the clouds. In small natural mountain houses, you feel so relaxed that you would never go back to city life. Lying on the grass, watching the beauty of Kaçkar Mountains, and tasting organic food in highlands would empower you spritually and phsically.



Blacksea cousine offers a variety of tastes with its special muhlama, black cabbage, corn bread, laz patty, and trout with red spots on it. Do you want to taste these flavors and learn how it is prepared? Then you are welcome to the Blacksea…