Blacksea region cannot be described! You need to live, experience, and feel its beauty on site! With its nature, culture, social life, and full of sociality would you like to spend some time there? If so, you are more than welcome to our reasonable and quality Blacksea region tour as well as other all around Turkey tours.

With the Social Blacksea concepts, you will observe the originality of the Blacksea people, their social life, culture, music and art. You will listen to the most special and hidden species of the Blacksea music, and you will see how to make “kemençe”, local music instrument.

If you are interested in the art of painting and sculpture, you will discover the nature of the Blacksea and experience the depths of art by combining nature and art together! If you are interested in yoga and want to do yoga in nature, you will be able to meditate in the quiet areas of nature as long as beautiful nature trip that will empower your meditation.

To be more social, we are looking forward to meet with you at our Social Blacksea concepts!